Russia Restaurants

Takao– Sushi chain throughout St. Petersburg with great, inexpensive sushi! They also have chicken sushi which is great for those who don’t like fish. They have some pretty funky rolls like mozzarella, bell pepper and chicken but the more unusual, the better! The best sushi, at the best price in Russia. Service is usually slow so do not go here if you are in a rush.

Rating: 5

Teaspoon- Great for soups and crepes, prices are very reasonable. The Broccoli soup is delicious and the chicken burrito or crepe are also great. The dessert crepes are also to die for. Usually this is a very quick restaurant and you can get your meal to go.

Rating: 4.5

Market Place– A fancy cafeteria style restaurant. The menu varies day to day so it is really a hit or miss. Can get expensive if you grab a lot of different dishes to try.

Rating: 2.5

Tepemok (Teremok)- Another fast-food Russian chain specializing in crepes, dumplings, and soups. The mushroom soup is good, and the lunch special’s are good for the price but the crepes are extremely buttery. I would not recommend Tepemok over Teaspoon.

Rating: 2

Stolle– SO GOOD but most stomach’s will take a while to get used to the use of excessive butter in everything. They specialize in “pies” sweat and savory. My favorites are the chicken and sweet cheese. I have also heard the rabbit and mushroom is delicious although it usually runs out very early in the day. I recommend getting a small piece savory and sweet and trying a different kind each time. They also have salads, soups and dumplings.

Rating: 4.5

My My (Moo Moo)- Cafeteria style chain in Moscow with a lot of variety. Food can be very good and inexpensive.

O2– Rooftop bar and lounge in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. The nicest sushi and sashimi bar in Moscow, but also the most expensive. The atmosphere is incredible and the rooftop has one of the best view’s of the city. Looks over Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Kremlin.

Rating: 4.5

Café Pushkin– Located in Moscow near Pushkin Square, the restaurant was renovated to look like a Russian aristocrat’s home in 1825. The menu is beautiful and extensive but the pelmeni (dumplings) are a must! The restaurant has two different floors, with a different menu and prices for each. The upper floor is more expensive but the decor is also more elaborate.

Rating: 5

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