China Nightlife

M1NT- Beautiful and very expensive club in Shanghai. Plays a lot of house music and the crowd is made up of foreigners or very wealthy Chinese. In the club a few of the walls have fish takes filled with sharks and the club gets crowded pretty early on at night.

88- Prices are much more reasonable but the crowd is mostly Chinese people and foreign study abroad students. Throughout the night they often kick people off the dance floor for various performances, which are sometimes fun but also a little strange.

Bar Rouge- An incredible club/lounge in Shanghai with the best view of the city. Go early so you can see the skyscrapers lit up because all of the lights go off at 11pm.

Hollywood- Club in Shanghai attracting a much younger international crowd. They have various themed nights and gets fun later on at night.

CUVEE- Ladies Nights on Wednesday’s in Shanghai but the best part of the club is the green lazer beams going in every direction, kind of makes you feel like you are in a Brittany Spears music video. Two floors below Club Rouge although has no view of the skyline. This is one of the few clubs in Shanghai that actually has bar seating.

Muse- Shanghai club attracting extremely wealthy, young Chinese kids.

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