About Me

In February of 2013, just as I was about to set off for a year abroad I decided to create this blog. I was traveling to New Zealand by myself and thought that the best way to keep my family and friends up-to-date and jealous of all of my travels and adventures, would be to share my experience by writing them down and by showing pictures for the experiences that were too grand for words to describe. February 26 marks the anniversary of my first ever post. On this day two years ago I was on my first weekend trip in Rotorua, New Zealand. On this day last year, I was becoming reacclimated to my Babson home after returning from my time away. And today, well today I am in Sacramento, California traveling for the non-profit organization I work for. What started off as a simple hobby, jotting down thoughts and sharing photographs, turned into a passion. I had never been much of a writer but I am in love with the art of language and communication. I figured that if I could find the right words to convey my experiences to my audience, if I could paint a vivid picture for my readers to help them see the beauty, the interconnectedness of the world and the vast differences between cultures, I would only fall more in love with traveling, and the world.

Exploring a new place and studying unknown cultures is like learning the alphabet. Each letter has its own sound, its own meaning, and is entirely unique. Alone a letter means nothing. But when individual letters are strung together they create words. These words give us the ability to symbolize and convey the meaning of what we are describing. When words are threaded together to form sentences it turns what was once so simple, one single letter, into a complex thought. A beautiful, concise, poised way to depict feelings, attitudes and thoughts. Our study of language, of the alphabet, of cultures never ends. There are no experts of language as there are no experts of a single culture. However, I have made it my mission to dedicate myself and my life to studying the world and the beautiful cultures and people that make this life so special. For myself, to begin to understand a culture I have broken it down, as we do to understand each letter, to understand every component and to look at each act objectively before understand its greater meaning and its interconnectedness with everything else. Each country has cultures and subcultures, which have been created around the political, environmental, and social constructs for that society. Each subculture has a unique communication style, ways to handle conflict, opinions on masculinity and femininity, ways of celebrating holidays and observing religions.

I have been fortunate enough to explore 41 countries and 33 US states.  I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing and sharing it with you.

“I have not been everywhere but it is on my list.”

-Susan Sontag

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Hey – Talking with you and your classmates was super enjoyable. Thank you for your comments….reading this made me smile today. It is good to know that I had impact.

    Keep doing what you do best.


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