About Uni

Uni in New Zealand is very different from college in the United States. Here are a couple of things good to know before getting to Uni:

General Information:

1. Uni means college. College means high school.

2. Your Student ID Number is the most important piece of information you will ever need to know.

3. You are enrolled in Papers, and you write essays.

4. A Test is a Midterm and an Exam is a Final. Do not confuse the two, people start to panic.

5. Final Exams take place over the period of two weeks and are usually worth 60-70% of your grade in a paper.

6. You will get your exam schedule after your mid-semester break and you will not get the location of your final exam until the morning of.

7. When walking into an exam, put all of your belongings in front of the room and make sure your Student ID Card is out and ready. Sometimes it will be checked before taking the test/exam.

8. There will be a big countdown on the screens in room letting you know how much time is left in the exam.

9. Spend the first two weeks looking around the class and try to notice people who are regularly attending class. Then switch your seat and make friends with someone, this will help a lot when working on assignments/studying.

10. Most class lectures are recorded, but do not depend on these. Always watch lecture recordings if you miss a class.

11. Never miss tutorials, this is the only time when attendance matters. Attendance will not be taken for you; you need to sign in so don’t forget!

12. If you are enrolled in the Business School, assignments need to be handed in through a dropbox. The Dropbox is set up the day the assignment is due and is closed exactly at the time the assignment is due. Do not be late!

13. All assignments handed in through the dropbox require a cover page, located next to the dropboxes.

14. When assignments are graded, you pick them up at the window near the dropboxes on Level 0 of OGGB. You need your Student ID Card for this.

15. If you are like me and have difficulty reading long articles off of the computer, printing will be surprisingly expensive. It is amazing how fast $0.10 a page adds up.

16. You need your Student ID Card to get into the Gym.

17. If you live in a University Residence Hall, your Gym Membership is free. If you do not, a Gym Membership is quite expensive.

18. Each one of the 8 floors of the library are silent unless you are in a reserved study room.

19. Most days you will eat your lunch sitting on the floor because there are no where near enough seats for the 40,000 students that attend this school.

20. Unless you have unlimited funds while studying abroad, I recommend packing lunches from home because eating at Uni is expensive.

21. From day one, set the language on Microsoft Word to English (New Zealand). Professors do not like when you use “z” or or spell behavior without a “u”.

22. All past tests and exams are available through the Library Resource Page and all professors recommend you use these to practice.

23. You must pay to be part of clubs, each one is around $20-30 for one semester. Some are free.


Exams at Uni:

1. The professors and class tutors are not only prohibited from the exam room, but are not allowed to have contact with students for 48 hours prior to the exam.

2. The proctors are an outside company hired by UOA so they have no idea what material is on the exams.

3. There are a dozen security and identity checks before you are permitted to open the book- you must show a Student ID at the door when entering the room, you must feel out an identity card when you sit down at the table which is then checked against IDs again when they are collected, IDs must be present at all times during the exam and proctors frequently walk around checking them, and when exams are collected the name on the exam is again checked against the ID. It seems a little excessive to me.

4. Reading time is miserable because for 10 minutes you are forced to just read over the exam and cannot lift a pen or pencil. It only takes 5 minutes to read through any exam especially when you can not even make any notes that pop into your head while reading a question.

5. It is a $150 fine if your cell phone goes off during an exam.

6. Final exams are taking in large lecture halls so when someone finishes early or has to go to the bathroom, everyone in the row is required to get out or the person just jumps over the desks to the front of the room, either way it is very disruptive for the entire room.

7. There is a “cover page” for the exam long answer booklet and on it you must write what order you answered the questions in and how many pages it took for each, again just unnecessary.

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