And We’re Off To The Amazon!

With only a few final hours in Cusco before our flight we decided to spend the morning exploring the local food market – Mercado San Pedro. Alexandra, our incredible guide wanted to show us the local fruits, flavors, flowers, chocolates, herbs and medical remedies that are staples in Peruvian culture.

Our first stop was to get a smoothie. Made with over 10 different fruits and juices, for under $1USD we filled our bellies with a healthy and nutritious smoothie breakfast!  IMG_6402IMG_6416IMG_6422

We then made our way over to the fruit stand to try Nonni, Chirimoya, Lucuma and Aguaymanto.

Then we grabbed a loaf of bread to snack on in the bread section before heading over to the cheeses.

IMG_6433IMG_6434IMG_6436IMG_6444IMG_6456We then walked through the potato section but were asked not to take photos because the camera will curse the farmers with a bad crop for the next year! We then roamed through the flowers, enchanted by the smells all around us. IMG_6465IMG_6464The market started filling up, with rows of vendors serving soups and noodles and meat dishes, everything looked so delicious. IMG_6471IMG_6475IMG_6484

We then hit the chocolates and what better gifts to bring home than some Peruvian chocolate!


Our time was running out and we sadly had to leave the market for the airport.


It was a short hour flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldanado and we were welcomed into the Jungle with an extreme amount of humidity, heat and lots of bugs! IMG_6523.JPGWe boarded a longtail boat and cruised down the river for 40 minutes until we reached Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica. 


The hotel was beautiful and is chock full of activities for us! For starters, tonight I learned how to make a delicious Pisco Sour, and enjoyed a few, all before our Caimen Night Ride.IMG_6589.JPG Tomorrow will be our first full day in the Jungle and we have a lot more planed for our last few days in Peru!

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