North Meets South

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Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultants

Bianca D'Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College Bianca D’Alessio, Zeta Zeta, Babson College

During my first two weeks in the South, I was essentially given the low-down on what is cool and happening in this part of the United States. Originally from New York, these “Southernisms” are all very new to me, but I have moved from the introduction phase to adoption pretty quickly. Here is a short list that the women of Epsilon Zeta (Western Kentucky University) helped me create for things I need to embrace in order to fit in down here:

1. Monogram everything!

From purses, to towels, wallets, car stickers, front doors, and the list goes on, it must be monogrammed. I was never one for monograms, especially because I don’t have a middle name, but now that I am embracing this new trend, the self appointed middle-name that I gave myself when I was 12 will be coming back in full force…

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