An Overdue Goodbye

In all honesty I have been delaying this post for quite some time now. When I got back from Israel I felt like I was in a marathon, sprinting towards the finish line, and I have finally reached the end and can catch my breath. Now, as I sit in LaGuardia Airport, about to board a one-way flight to Indianapolis, I am filled with joy, sadness, excitement and a lot of butterflies. Although I may have graduated from Babson in May, it is only hitting me now that I will not be returning in a few short weeks. I laugh to myself thinking about graduation day, as I hugged all of my friends in celebration and wished them on their way, the words “I will see you later” nervously slipped out of my mouth, and only now am I realizing that goodbyes would have been more appropriate. The time seems to blur and I find it necessary to reflect on all of my final senior year memories and to thank all of the people who made Babson so special. So here’s to my friends, my family, and to MY Babson:

I got to sit front row and cheer on two of my best friends, Brittany and Arber, when they participated in the Mr. & Ms. Babson Competition. I even got sucked into dancing for Brittany’s talent, got total stage fright, forgot every move, and had terror in my eyes for the entire dance, so sorry and thank you Brittany! Arber, you already know that the majority of this post is going to be about you but your poem was KILLER and I  have never been more excited to see anyone on stage as I was when you got up there!!!


I got to volunteer at my final Sigma Kappa Karnival, Zeta Zeta’s Ultra Violet event. All proceeds go towards the Sigma Kappa Foundation. We stayed up for 24 hours grilling Grilled Cheese, spinning cotton candy, popping popcorn and laughing all night. 10339753_10201927388571031_990139723404423137_n I got to dance along side of 13 amazing Sigma Kappa’s in the AMAN show. Our fabulous Bollywood dance was choreographed by Brittany and Sanam. I have wanted to be a part of the Aman show since my freshman year and never had the courage to participate. Two days prior to the show these women dragged me in and taught me the entire routine. It was truly amazing. 1972303_10154004471180052_1280272217_n 10151219_10152316764150336_1363060407_n 1525045_10152358995927442_866741861_nDuring Greek Week I was awarded Babson Greek Woman of the Year and cried in happiness as I watched our chapter receive a number of additional, well-deserved awards.10177279_10201927507093994_4526678668813321487_n 1378078_10201927510814087_1624659744100868865_nI proudly watched and celebrated as my 21 New Members were finally initiated into the Sigma Kappa sisterhood! 10013452_10202881616493746_6154060731053932613_o 10265607_10202881603973433_4656903342291538059_o 10256146_10202881600453345_4391078273717777286_oI ate chocolate covered grasshoppers with Arber in our Environmental Technology class. 10256533_10201927524494429_3101549958287958826_n 10177972_10201927525374451_7879462198224025196_n

I delivered a keynote address about my time and experiences abroad at a Babson education abroad conference.Great photo of key note

I hysterically cried as my little, and travel partner-in-crime, Katie read the most breathtaking graduation letter to me at our Senior Appreciation dinner. 1911996_10201927594696184_6352831486551976991_n (1)10305435_10201927596456228_7224638455156799357_n10273432_10201927597576256_5457625774945824721_nI had the privileged of standing next to Arber as he presented his thesis and was awarded his certificate of completion. 10178078_10201927605056443_2703517939954251598_nI then got to attend his bonfire in Barefoot Park where we burned all of the research, case-studies, and notes he used to create his masterpiece.  DSC_0031 DSC_0053Photos Taken by Arber Mavraj

Graduation day started out rainy and grey and against all odds the sun was shining with the close of the commencement address. Tory Burch delivered beautiful words and left the class of 2014 inspired and ready for the real world.

10297590_10202022077938206_3969941792651336941_nAlthough the fact that I have graduated is surreal, real life has been pretty awesome. I started my job as a Sigma Kappa Leadership Consultant and pretty quickly made 11 new best friends. We are all very obsessed with taking group selfies…10383575_10202237852812443_7365262526856336990_n 10460450_10202237853332456_2216673733447829495_n10390197_10202237855492510_6379864070017411868_n 10491141_10202237854732491_9030941594648095109_n (1)And BRICS ice cream…10434004_10202237856572537_3905222063678935180_nAnd In-N-Out10492601_10202237858772592_7404309910627814661_nWe all took a trip to Vegas for Sigma Kappa’s 86th National Convention and I was surprised me with birthday balloons!10441173_10202237859372607_3363676479423783846_nWe worked long hours but still found time to take adorable group pictures together10477374_10202237898373582_454659901354892160_n 10463878_10202237898973597_8174844162704047625_n 10500258_10202237902533686_7982564917527269934_n 10441309_10202237904493735_1362700452871272767_n 10494687_10202237900573637_5847827876144004355_n 10448256_10202244983670710_56547471186685112_n
When all of the Convention excitement was over, we returned to Indianapolis to fill our brains with more Sigma Kappa knowledge1610758_10202362429965433_3953663308647675132_nAnd now it is time to turn off all electronics and prepare for takeoff. Time for the final goodbye; an overdue goodbye. Goodbye Babson, goodbye New York, goodbye to friends who left the country months ago, to friends who will leave soon and to those who stayed home. Goodbye to family who I know will be waiting for me when I return. And hello new opportunities, new adventures, new friends, new places and new homes that I hope to be welcomed into.

2 thoughts on “An Overdue Goodbye

  1. Dear Bianca-you are very special and have a great sense of adventure and spirit. wishing you the best life has to offer and you put a smile on my face (tears this time)Carpe Diem, love you

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