Senior Year Recap

It has been a long time since I have blogged and a lot has happened since I returned to the United States. I got to spend the first month and a half at home in New York relaxing and celebrating the holidays but that seems like it was a very long time ago. Since the end of January, I have been back at Babson and have not wrapped my head around the fact that I will be graduating in 3 months. At Babson, I have taken on a couple of new roles: I am an Exchange Ambassador, I am on the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee and no time at Babson would be complete without a position in Sigma Kappa! After our very successful Sweet Home Sigma Kappa themed recruitment, I began a new journey as the New Member Educator for 22 new and incredible women. I could not be more excited!1010994_10201474965020725_725315301_n 1507959_10201474969180829_1692938098_n 1622012_10201474968220805_510511021_n (1) 1900040_10201474962580664_2071346833_n 12387_10203164431461793_1129440729_n 1618581_10203164430101759_503822068_n 1794598_10203164431141785_1907567635_n 1781699_10203177900678515_789173611_o 1836794_10203177936079400_2011009206_o On February 11th, we celebrated Bid Day and now we are three weeks into the new member period and I have loved every minute of it. 1010407_10201389743295565_210975202_n 1534715_10203178481893045_386674512_o 1655918_10201475572875921_426487229_n 1658728_10203178444092100_805829342_o 1781117_10202551416562706_1075224220_oThis position is much different than the roles I have taken on in the past and I love this new opportunity and challenge; each day I am learning more. It feels wonderful to be back in the Babson groove. I am getting used to going to classes, working at my new internship, and having meetings planned for whenever I am not doing the first two. It is a wonderful kind of busy, but it is also making the time pass way to fast. Two weekend ago I had the opportunity to go to our Sigma Kappa National Headquarters. Not only was it a dream come true but now I get to cross it off my my bucket list and I accomplished one of my New Years resolutions- to make it to the final round of the Leadership Consultant interview process. 1622457_10152222128042042_1374968915_o 1781916_10201517034592438_1012833393_n 1796534_10201527703739160_1515722623_n 1688219_10201529565265697_672413499_nWell, not only did I make it to the second round, I also was offered the position and have wonderfully accepted. For the next year I will get to travel to different chapters around the United States, inspiring women and sharing my love for Sigma Kappa. This is the perfect job for me and I cannot wait to start in June!

A lot has been going on and the rest of the semester will be just as exciting. It is now the Thursday of Spring break and I have just boarded my flight to Israel. This week is going to be full of new adventures and experiences and I am really looking forward to experiencing another culture. Be sure to stay tuned, many more posts to come!

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