After leaving Bal Ashram we drove to Narhet, a very small village outside of Jaipur. According to Jaipur Rugs, “almost every person in Narhet belongs to impoverished backward classes and 70% are into rug-making.” IMG_0139As we walked through the village we watched women lugging bundles of branches, carrying food on their heads and washing their cows. IMG_0228IMG_0265We visited three homes of Jaipur contractors and watched as the men and women quickly tied the knots and changed colors between rows and columns on the rug. It was so endearing watching the women in saris weave as their infants lay in their laps watching their mothers in amazement. As I walked through this village I was trying to fathom the thought that most of these workers make less than $2 USD a day and they must feed their entire family off of these minuscule wages. Watching the weaving was fascinating and I wish we could have had more time in the village to speak with the workers, see the elementary school and learn more about rural family life.  IMG_0192IMG_0205IMG_0230???????????????????????????????IMG_0179IMG_0171IMG_0158

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