Delhi Markets

photo 1Well Jazz promised she would take me shopping and get me the all the best Indian fashions and she definitely followed through on this promise. Around midday we made our way to Lajpat Market, a huge, and I mean huge, market in Delhi. There was so much at the market that even I was a little overwhelmed. IMG_0423After hours of visiting different stores, perusing through vendors, and bargaining with everyone, I was satisfied with all of the ground we covered. My favorite part of the day was visiting the sari shops and having them show us all of the different fabrics, it was just incredible the patterns, styles, jewels, and detail. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5IMG_0424I was so in love I even splurged and bought my own lengha. In my opinion it is just absolutely stunning and I probably will not wear it until I go to my first Indian wedding, in like five years, but I still think it was a great purchase! After Lajpat market we still weren’t wiped out and the next stop was Sarojni Market. Even though we were all exhausted, it still wasn’t time to call it a night because we were then going to the mall to meet Kahaan, a Babson Alumnus for dinner. I was experiencing my first symptoms of Delhi Belly so I decided to sit this meal out and just watch as everyone else enjoyed the abundance of Indian food circulating around the table. IMG_0446

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