Ice Skating

What better way to get excited about the cold than by going ice skating?! Ryan, Graham, Victoria, Jared and I set out for the rink and where we meet Katerina, one of Professor Coyle’s auditing students we met last week. The rink was filled with skaters with all different skill levels. There were people doing crazy jumps and spins and then a handful of people who were just as bad as I was. Ryan convinced me that he could make me a better skater in the span of an hour and I stupidly believed him. He kept making me do the “crossover.” Each time I fell he told me that meant I was only learning and getting better  because “I am not trying hard enough if I am not falling.” 1402254_10151747604341158_982651742_o 1397966_10151747604091158_1715068952_o 1397972_10151747604751158_856189840_o 1403002_10151747604816158_1668423172_o 1404683_10151747604691158_1251470779_o 1291108_10151747604431158_998892160_o 823392_10151747603836158_818947525_oAfter falling over a dozen times in the span of an hour my ankles were too weak to even stand straight in my skates and it was time to call it a night. On the way home we reached the bridge to cross over to our island right as the guards were putting down the barricade to block off the road. Running, we made it back to our side successfully and then decided to hang out and watch the bridge go up.

1397469_10151747605336158_1703274978_oPhoto Take by Ryan Diplock

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