Russian Museum

We have already seen a ton of artwork from non-Russian artists in the Hermitage but today we were able to see a plethora of works from Russian artists. Emperor Nicholas II created this museum in 1895, and opened in 1989. I was amazed by how many young student groups were touring the museum. There were classes with kids who were 5 and 6 years old and it was incredible to see how captivated and interested they were in the artwork. This museum was another great way to see and feel Russian history through paintings and sculptures.

\Photo 41 Photo 2 Photo 4 Photo 7 Photo 9 Photo 11 Photo 12 Photo 13 Photo 14 Photo 15 Photo 16 Photo 17 Photo 18 Photo 19 Photo 20 Photo 21 Photo 22 Photo 23 Photo 24 Photo 25 Photo 27 Photo 28 Photo 30 Photo 31 Photo 32 Photo 34 Photo 35 Photo 37 Photo 38 Photo 39 Photo 40

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