Dinner for Provost Hanno

To celebrate Provost Hanno’s birthday and his last night in Russia we went out for a group dinner at a Georgian Restaurant. The restaurant was extremely small and we took over the entire place. I had never had Georgian food and I really enjoyed this new cuisine; however, the wine was terrible and at first I thought it was Welch’s Grape Juice. As we were eating appetizers, a very friendly Georgian woman began singing and dancing for the group and the volume of the music forced all conversations to come to an end. When everyone finished their meal we all got up and danced to her singing and the owner and employees at the restaurant showed us a traditional Georgian dance. When everyone’s feet started to hurt we thanked the extremely friendly staff, said goodbye to Provost Hanno and headed back for our hotel to get cracking on our papers due this weekend. Photo 43 Photo 42 Photo 38

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