Mulcahy’s Goodbye

While we were on our flight from Shanghai to St. Petersburg, Professor Mulcahy spent his day visiting all of our favorite sites and people and had them say goodbye. This was the perfect way to sum up our trip and capture all of the people and places we frequented!

Picture1From… “Lucky Cat”Picture2 Picture3 Picture4…your Ramada people and spaces… Picture5…local soup dumpling kitchenPicture6..sausage & pie team… Picture7..and bubble tea guys…Picture8 Picture9

…your ice cream providers…Picture10 …and night taxi drivers…Picture11…your grooming teamPicture12..and your laundry lady…Picture13

…your street dancers… Picture14 ..some randome guy on the street..Picture15 ..and local colorful characters….Picture16…your favorite “Chicken or is that snake”…menu items

…and on behalf of the hundreds of others that you collectively haggled with, photo-bombed, and engaged with… Remember that China loved you much as you loved China!

#Bric2013…most likely to be… Best BRIC Group Ever! #RussiaEnvy

Thank you Professor Mulcahy for everything you have done for us. We learned so much from you and can’t wait to see you back in Boston!

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