Summer’s End

Today is the last day of my summer. Wow! It feels like I just got home from New Zealand yesterday and tomorrow I am leaving to go back to Babson College. I have not blogged in a while but this summer was consisted of short days and even shorter nights. One of the biggest reasons I came to Babson was for the BRIC program and knowing that the time has come to almost depart on this journey has kept my mind racing for months. I have become engrossed in my internship, reading assignments for my classes, learning the Russian alphabet, staying up to date with world news and planning my travels, that the 56 days I have been home just flew by. But in addition to all of the reservations, organizing, and packing I have been having a great time with my friends and family. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Babson Summer Send off in NYC and had the chance to meet incoming first year students, introduce myself to the new Dean, Dean Moore and catch up with friends.

544702_10200303543975931_636664787_nSigma Kappa’s at the Summer Send-Off554028_10151581020482756_1317583535_nLast week I vacationed on Marco Island with my mother, brother and sister.


We had a lovely and relaxing trip, and sunny days on the beach provided ample time for me to complete the majority of my reading for Russia. My mom and I started each day bright and early with the Aqua Fitness Class and then went to bring back coffee and breakfast for Michael and Gianna. Each evening we tried a new restaurant and enjoyed a variety of cuisines. One night we spent shopping and on another we took a sunset dinner cruise around Naples. As we left the harbor we were able to admire all of the beautiful waterfront mansions. IMG_0437 IMG_0429 IMG_0427Sadly, my camera died really fast but luckily, I was able to capture the beautiful sunset!IMG_0435 733783_10200323412312627_1238857308_n945954_10200324000687336_1863648411_nSince Marco Island I have mainly been preparing for my BRIC semester abroad and have finalized all of my post-BRIC traveling to Thailand, Singapore and Japan. I am really excited to leave but am also a little nervous about the rigorous coursework. Tomorrow I am leaving my house at 7am and hope to be all checked-in at Babson by 10:30am. Classes start at noon until 8pm so it is going to be a long day. Until then I have some more errands to run, my car to pack and my friends and family to say goodbye too.

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