He rā whānau koa ki a koe

Well yesterday was my 21st birthday in New Zealand, today in America. I woke up to my mom skype calling me while celebrating Father’s Day at my Aunts house with all 11 members of my family piled behind her singing happy birthday. It was quite the morning call.It was good that they got me up early because I had to get some last minute studying in before my Economics exam, worth 100% of my grade! I think I aced my exam yesterday so that was a great feeling. After my exam I met up with Lyssa and we ran in another Nike Run. This was my 6th run so I finally got my Black Nike Run Club shirt, very exciting! After our run we went for a dinner at The Coffee Club, pretty much the only place that would take us in workout clothes, and we gained back all the calories we burned during our run by eating a very mediocre piece of chocolate cake. Still, it was great to do some celebrating on my 21st birthday!

I wanted to share the song Happy Birthday in Maori in honor of my New Zealand birthday:

He rā whānau koa ki a koe “A day of birth joyful to you”

He rā whānau koa ki a koe A happy birthday to you

He rā whānau koa e ………. A happy birthday to ……

He rā whānau koa ki a koe. A happy birthday to you.

One thought on “He rā whānau koa ki a koe

  1. Clad you did we’ll on your exam. We are all excited for your return. Can’t wait to see you. Love you Gram&gramp

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