Unwinding on Waiheke

I just got home from an incredible two days on Waiheke Island. Our group of friends- all 18 of us- decided to rent a house on Waiheke to just spend some time together and unwind before finals begin next week. I decided to only spend 2 days on the island and everyone else would be staying an extra three; I thought it would be best to spend a little extra time studying for finance without any distractions. The majority of us took the 2pm ferry on the 10th and when we arrived 11 of us packed into a taxi and went straight for our new home. The house was better than we had imagined- they pictures they used on the website did not highlight any of the houses great features. Jess and Joe had already scoped out the place and their yellow mopeds were in the driveway when we arrived. The house was located on the top of a hill overlooking the water and vineyards surrounded the property lines. In addition to the main house, we had an indoor swimming pool, ginormous deck, soccer field, two Jacuzzi’s, a beautiful wooden swing and the “man cave”- a pool house that all of the boys declared theirs.

After we unloaded our belongings it was not long before the Jacuzzi was open and everyone was fighting to get a seat. The trip was very relaxing and I laughed so hard that my abs and cheeks are still sore. It was great being about to lay on our freshly groomed lawn, catch some sun, go for a swim and all cook together as a group. This was the perfect last trip together and although upset I could not stay for the whole time, I was happy I had the chance to go at all.


Indoor PoolIMG_3989

View from the deckIMG_3992

View of the DeckIMG_3998

Front LawnIMG_3999

Joe, Lyssa, Amanda, Meghan, Caroline and RyanIMG_6648

Lyssa and Dan as we were making burgers for dinner1004026_10200145313865954_1290127578_n

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