All Blacks Game

Tonight I attended the All Blacks Game vs. France at Eden Park in Auckland. I was very excited for this game because Rugby is the biggest sport, and has the best team in New Zealand. Arcadia had organized us to go as a group and many of our Uni friends were also joining. We got our tickets through Arcadia for only $25, so we expecting to be sitting all the way up in the nose bleed seats. To our surprise, we were about 15 rows from the goal line, great seats! Prior to the event we all painted our faces and were wearing our Arcadia shirts so we were all pumped up!


Jessica adding a Silver Fern to Dan’s face on the bus


The girls Image

Opening Ceremonies- Singing the National Anthems


All Blacks performing the Haka

Here is a video of the All Blacks performing the Haka:

The translation for the Haka is:

Ka mate Ka mate It is death It is death

Ka ora Ka ora It is life It is life

Ka mate Ka mate It is death It is death

Ka ora Ka ora It is life It is life

Tenei Te Tangata Puhuruhuru This is the hairy man

Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra Who caused the sun to shine again for me

Upane Upane Up the ladder Up the ladder

Upane Kaupane Up to the top

Whiti te ra The sun shines!


I was very excited to see Jenny and Nicole at the game!


The game was a victory for the All Blacks and the stadium was roaring all night. It was so much fun, but my favorite part was seeing the Haka. The All Blacks defeated France 23-13. If you are interested in reading the highlights from the game click here. 

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