Auckland Night Market

This morning we got back to Auckland from our weekend in Bay of Islands and after resting for the day we decided to go to the Night Market. We still had out rental car for the night so Ryan, Lyssa, Pat, Tony and I drove about 20 minutes to Papatoetoe. The Auckland Night Market take place every Thursday-Sunday in Shopping Mall Parking Garages out of Auckland’s Central Business District.  Taking a bus to the markets costs about $10 round trip and is 45 minutes long (each way). The Night Market was very exciting because there were vendors with different iPhone/iPad accessories, jewelry, clothes and tons of food. You can also get very inexpensive massages and henna tattoos. Lyssa and I shopped around for different jewelry  and I left with a couple new exciting pieces!photo 5After we shopped we made our way over to the food area; there was tons! There were dumplings, potato twists, fried rice, skewers of all sorts and so much more! For dessert there were doughnuts, ice cream, brownies, caramel apples, crepes, fruit smoothies, the list is endless!photo 2photo 3Lyssa and I got Elephant Ears which is a fried Turkish bread. I got half with tomato and feta and the other with sour cream and cheese; it was one of the best thing I have eaten in months! Clearly, not the healthiest, but delicious! photo 2We did not stay at the market long but it was quite and experience and lots of fun. I would love to go back on a different night because each night has different vendors, but it would be much more of a hassle to take public transportation. I hope that I will be able to have Elephant Ears again!

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