Parnell Farmers’ Market

This morning I went to the Parnell Farmers’ Market located behind the Parnell Public Library. It was a fairly small farmers’ market with a lot of action. The Farmers’ Market is every Saturday from 8am-noon and Marjie and I arrived around 10:30am. There were about 20 unique stands set up offering mini samplings of their delicious locally grown products. I tried honey, blueberries, cheeses, chocolates, mussels, jams, bread, olive oil, ginger beer and more! The vendors were very welcoming and offered unlimited samples. There was also live music which added to the excitement of walking around. I spent less than an hour at the market but I could have stayed much longer. In the center there were tables and chairs set up for families and individuals to enjoy their breakfast and there was a pastry stand who’s aroma spread across the entire market. I supported a couple of stands by purchasing jams, chocolates and a very tasty (and expensive) goat cheese. I am looking forward to spending every Saturday morning that I am in Auckland at the Farmers’ Market, it was a lovely way to start the day!

IMG_1527 IMG_1529 IMG_1531

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