Beer Fest & Gramatik Concert

Well today was a fun-filled, busy day. After the Farmers Market I returned home and put away my newly purchased goodies. I then began getting ready for Beer Fest. The New Zealand Beer Festival is one of Auckland’s biggest events each year at The Cloud located at the end of Queen’s Warf. The festival has a selection of over 125 craft beers, ciders and wines each available for a taste at around $3 and full pours between $6 and $8. The event  had bands and comedians entertaining the crowd of thousands of people throughout the entire day. The event was from 12:30pm-9pm, but Amanda, Lyssa and I decided to go over around 3.IMG_6118


When we arrived we were given an official NZ Beer Festival cup that we would be responsible for. Although the three of us decided to put on cute summer outfits, there were many unusual costumes floating around the crowd, including: bananas, nuns, beer barrels, Jesus and the Pope. It was interesting, to say the least. After our first taste we met up with Caroline, Meghan and Meghan’s parents. It was really nice to be outside and get to meet more kiwis. After a very short amount of time we got hungry and perused the food vendor area. The options were endless- kebabs, paella, fish and chips, Mexican, ribs, sandwiches, burgers, and so much more! Amanda and I chose to split a half order of ribs and fish and chips; it was very hard to come to a final decision. The ribs were mouthwatering, they completely fell off the bone, had great flavor and was one of the busiest stands. The fish and chips were mediocre, I was not too impressed. We enjoyed our lunch sitting by the water. It was a fun event and it was interesting learning about and sampling different New Zealand beers, ciders and wines.


Before we left, Lyssa and I indulged in a nutella crepe, although I was unable to finish it, it was phenomenal. We then went back to Uni Lodge and got ready for our next event, the Gramatik Concert. Before the concert we met up with more friends at an apartment in Newmarket, right above the train station. It was a beautiful apartment with a remarkable balcony and view. Jessica brought her glorious face paints and perfectly painted every person’s face, each design with a different personality and spunk.


I was very excited about this because I missed out on the last event when she was painting faces. When she was done we left to catch the bus to K’Rd. The concert was held at Studio The Venue on K’Rd. The venue and the performers were great and there were so many of us, in our group, who attended that it was nice knowing a lot of people at the event. We all found our way to the front of the audience and danced the night away!

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