First Week of Classes

For the first time here I am starting to experience a huge culture shock. I guess I have always taken for granted how small and intimate Babson is and mistaken it for being too sheltered. At Babson I know everyone in my classes, I eat lunch with the same people every day and my schedule from day to day does not vary all that much. I always try to look my nicest because there is a 100% chance I will know everyone I see once I step outside of my door.  Attending a school that has 40,000 students is quite different. It is hard to find a table to eat lunch at (most student’s sit on the floor), I never pass anyone that I know, and wearing anything besides sneakers is out of the question because the hike to school already takes enough of a toll on my body. But the biggest difference, and one I will not get used too, is that classes have 300+ student’s in them and the professor does not and will never know my name.

During my finance class I learned of a timetable clash that I have with another class during our tutorial section, when I informed the professor he shrugged his shoulders and said “Ok.” He gave me a cold look and I realized that here I am just known as 9611510. I have even been told that my student ID number needs to be on the signature of my emails otherwise my professors will not know if I am in their class or not. I do not like the impersonal relationships with professors but I guess this will just be something I need to accept while I am here.


Mom- Here is my “First Day of Classes” Picture just for you

This week at the University of Auckland is O Week; it is the week to learn about and sign up for the different clubs on campus. Throughout this entire week, all of the clubs on campus have set up tables around the quad advertising their different benefits and use their pitch on all students passing by as to why they should join. I found myself most attracted to Photography and Canoe Club. After thinking about it for a couple of days, yesterday I submitted my deposit to each and am now an official member of both. I am excited for Photography Club because I have this wonderful camera, and absolutely no idea how to use its high-tech features. Throughout the week the club offers workshops to work on different techniques when shooting and on weekends they take trips around the city photographing different sites. Canoe Club is really awesome and the people are amazing. Last night I attended a meet-and-greet and had a chance to interact with the instructors and meet the E board. Everyone is so cool and I am excited for white water rafting and canoeing. They have trips every weekend to different spots around the North Island to hit all of the best rapids and I have already highlighted and marked down two weekend trips that I will be attending. Each Tuesday the club offers Roll Training to help prepare beginners for how to manage a kayak in white water and to practice rolling when the kayak flips. Sounds so fun!

I also joined The VEDA club which is a club that organizes weekly Vegan lunches and yoga classes in the quad. Lastly, I joined AUSA, Auckland University Students’ Association, which organizes all of the campus events, similar to Babson’s Campus Activities Board. I am very excited to get involved in all of these organizations and meet more people on campus.

This weekend is going to be a really fun one and I am super excited to leave Auckland and explore. But before we leave, tonight is the Orientation Concert; Mt. Eden, Ladi 6 and Kids of 88 are performing. No, I do not know who any of these people/bands are but it should be a cool experience. I will keep you posted on my thoughts about the concert. Tomorrow will be when the adventure starts. The plan is to pick up our 4 rental cars at 8am and drive to Coromandel Peninsula, we should arrive around 10:30am. We are then going to Cathedral Cove and the Hot Water Beaches. We will be going on some tramps (hikes), swimming and will spend the night camping around the Pinnacles. The next day we will be going on a 6 hour tramp through the Pinnacles and it should be very beautiful. It is going to be a great weekend full of adventure and laughs.  There are 18 of us traveling together so it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out!

4 thoughts on “First Week of Classes

  1. You have to know how to work the bureaucracy at Auckland Uni. The professor will get to know your name if you turn up at office hours with good questions. That’s also a good opportunity to go over stuff you’re really worried about, because sometimes they’ll let slip that what you’re worried about isn’t too important and won’t be a factor in the exam. If you’ve got a problem with clashing tutorials the professor probably won’t be interested because that stuff is beneath them. There’s normally a course coordinator or someone else with a similar designation who deals with time clashes. There’s plenty of scope for personal relationships with faculties if you’re prepared to put the effort in.

    And give it time when it comes to passing people you know around campus, especially if you’re at the business school. Make the most of the anonymity, it can be disconcerting to find out that people you’ve never met know of you and tell other people they’ve seen you around doing XYZ.

    Again, I can’t stress office hours enough. If I wasn’t working full time, I’d be going to office hours every week to ask questions about stuff, especially in the early going when other students aren’t as keen. That and always go through the previous years’ tests and exams (and take them to office hours for anything you don’t get).

  2. Hi Bianca, Thanks for the blog, I feel like I am with you and enjoying the experience and learning about the country. It’s just great. Please be careful and enjoy all you are doing. Gramp sends his love too.

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    1. I love how you get so involved. Stay motivated and send me some recipes for your vegan lunches! Keep up with the pictures from photography I am really enjoying the city and its features! Amazing!

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